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date day/night look // outfit // YouTube

This video shows a series of outfits I paired with my date makeup look.

The skirt/dress looks can be worn with tights since it is winter!

Look 1;
Look 1; revised
  • I bought this slip dress from New Look many years ago, I haven't worn it much since I feel like slip dresses don't really suit me but paired with this corduroy shirt that I got from The Vintage Scene in Leicester it adds some shape to my body when I make it into a little top. You can choose to tie it up or leave it open.

  • I also wear this dress with this skirt I got from New Look with my first corduroy shirt I bought on Depop as a jacket.

  • I am also wearing the earrings I customised with the Primark gold glitter polish in a previous video and green Nike Air Max Theas.

Look 2;
  • I got this shirt from a vintage kilo sale, it originally had shoulder pads, but I took them off since I already have quite broad shoulders. Unfortunately, I didn't realise half my collar was tucked in until the editing process.

  • I got this lovely yellow skirt exclusive on ASOS from Puma. Since it's such a striking colour, it's hard to hide the line where I've tucked in the shirt, and you can also see my not so flat tummy, but life goes on.

  • Paired with the purple glitter earrings and Nike 97s with Tn soles.

  • And this teddy coat from Topshop that I bought on Depop.

Look 3;
  • If you're going for a more laid-back look, I've paired this Adidas pullover I bought on Depop.

  • Adidas leggings I bought on ASOS

  • And Adidas Superstars I bought from Office.

  • Here I'm wearing the orange earrings I customised to match the jumper.

  • If you're going for a more upscale look, I've paired these wide leg trousers from ASOS with this top from Topshop to match the lines in the trousers.

  • With these heels I bought on sale from River Island.

  • I am also wearing the gold chunky glitter earrings and this carnelian crystal necklace I got from Etsy.


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