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date day/night look // base eyes lips // YouTube

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, this is a soft, versatile look that you can wear on any date, with any outfit, at any time, glam but not too glam, so if your date isn’t a serious candidate you won’t feel like you went too out of the way.

I applied the orange corrector in the NYX 3c Conceal Correct Contour Concealer palette in Deep (£10.50) around my eyes and upper lip with the Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush. Then I blend with the NYX Pro Multi Purpose Buffing Brush. I would usually apply it on my forehead, but my hairstyle means I have less work to do and I can cover the fact that my forehead is so gargantuan.

Concealer applied
Fight hyperpigmentation.

I use the Maybelline Superstay 24h Full Coverage Foundation in Caramel (£9.99) applied with fingers, blended with Beauty Blender. This foundation is quite light for me it frustrates me a lot and reminds me of the struggle of shopping for complexion-based products on the high street, but the coverage is really good. It was a bit hard to blend with the beauty blender maybe because it has a dry and thick formula.

Foundation with beauty blender
Maybe not the foundation for you if your skin is super dry.

I use the Revolution Supersize Conceal & Define in C12.5 on my undereye, upper lip, lip corners, chin and in-between my jaw and cheek bones, using the Beauty Blender again to blend.

I love this concealer!

With the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush I place the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit in shade Carob applied along contour lines, under cheekbone, along jawline as well as near the temples, and under my chin. Then I use the Beauty Blender to blend the highlighting concealer I put on beforehand into the contour.

Great contour palette.

I am grateful that I was given this powder by my sister. I used the pointed end of the Beauty Blender to apply the Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour under my eyes to set the concealer. The first time I used it I was instantly in love, it's a powder that not only sets but brightens your skin, it's like you're glowing from within. However, sometimes I feel like it can look cakey if not applied properly. I also place the powder on my eyelids to prep for eyeshadow later. Proceeding to dab some on the bridge of my nose up and to my forehead, my upper lip, lip corners, chin and I also put the powder under my contour where my highlighting concealer went. This may have been a mistake for my highlighting concealer, however, as this powder could possibly be too potent for that area. I was trying to look snatched, but I overdid it a little. I use the bum of the blender to absorb any excess powder and blend lines together. Again, let me know what setting powders you guys use because I'm on the hunt for my holy grail.

Powder with beauty blender
Glow from within!
A bit much.

As I said in my previous post, I just use this powder to ensure my smile lines are set and to add a bit of warmth to my face and I’m using the Primark 116 Tapered Blush Brush to do so. I've wanted to get a tapered brush for a very long time, and I saw this one in Primark I thought I'd try it out, it's very versatile, I use it for all over the face and my undereye.

I also use the Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Power in 332 Golden to blend my whole face together.

My smile lines always crease.

Spray water, rosewater or a setting spray to let all the powders look less ashy and mingle together. It will also allow your highlight to pop even more, which is next up.

Rosewater mist
Get dewy to let the powder settle in.

So, this palette looks very battered, I've had it stored away for a long time but as you can see, I actually used it recently to create some glitter lipgloss which I will use later in the video and I will be uploading a video on how I made it. For my highlight I use the third colour on the top which is a gold colour. You can do I minimal look or go glisten as much as you like. I place the highlighter on my cheek bones, along the bridge of my nose, bit on my forehead, Cupid's now and lip corners as well as my chin. I then use the Beauty Blender to blend in the highlighter. Then I top up my contour.

Highlighter with fan brush
Get that glow, or not.

I'm using this NYX High Definition Blush in Amber to add a bit of colour to my face since the rest of the look will be pretty neutral. Again, I go in with my Beauty Blender to incorporate everything in the base.


And here are the lip glosses I made! Be sure to look for a commencing video where I show you how I made these.

Glitter lipgloss!

I wipe off all the excess makeup from my lips with my toner cotton pad and prep with the KIKO Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 321, tracing around my mouth.

Wiping lips with cotton pad
Get that muck off.

I try to blend the lipliner with my finger, but it's so stuff it doesn't budge one bit.

I use the lipgloss want to blend it and the lipliner together. This reminded me of the metallic type lipsticks people would wear in the 90s with the strong lipliner. It's been a while since I've done a brown lip, it's such a lovely step from a classic nude.

My custom lipgloss.
Blend the lipgloss and the lipliner together.

I use the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown to follow the shape of my freshly tweezed eyebrows until I get my desired look, then blend with the brush on the end lid.

Do you wax, thread or tweeze your brows?

I saw Tammi Clarke use these brushes on one of her videos and I thought that it was time to stop using the same two brushes for all my eyeshadow and secure some tools for the ultimate blend. I bought two eye brushes sets from MSQ on AliExpress and got 18 brushes for less than £10. You can't say that's not reasonable, and they're great brushes too, a good starter pack for someone who wants to learn to do eyeshadow.

msQ brush
Bargain brushes!

I am using a small fluffy brush to place the transition shade ‘pukey’ in the crease and a bit in the outer v of my eye.


Build on that with a mix of ‘jacz’ and ‘mocha’ in the outer v as well as in the inner corner crease.

CREASE; 'jacz' 'mocha'

This is a smaller fluffy brush which I wouldn't normally use to apply ‘obsessed’, but it worked out well.

LID; 'obsessed'

I use the same brush to apply this ‘24/7’ in the outer v to blend between the lid shimmer and the outer v crease shadows.


I used the first brush I used for the transition and the other crease shadows to deepen the crease some more with ‘chip’.

CREASE; 'chip'

And then I go back with that second brush and add more of ‘obsessed’ around my inner corner and inner lower lashline.

INNER CORNER; 'obsessed'

To add a tiny bit of colour I add ‘little lady’ to the middle of my lid.

LID; 'little lady'

Back to ‘pukey’ and that first brush, I wash that across the rest of my lower lashline.


For my eyeliner I'm going to use eyeshadow. To do this I use an angled brush then spray it with water, rosewater or setting spray and dip the brush into the eyeshadow you want as eyeliner.

Spray it.

Dip it.

I find that using brown as opposed to black liner helps to achieve a softer look. And I'm just doing a regular winged liner. I use the Primark 116 Tapered Blush Brush to brush away any fallout from under my eyes.

Powder is versatile.
Swipe the fallout.

I don't usually go for volumising mascaras since I find that they don't really do much for my lashes and volume isn't my preference but rather I prefer lengthening. But my friend gave me this mascara and my KIKO one has basically run out. The Rimmel London Volume Colourist in Extreme Black has a lash tint, so your natural lashes look darker over time.

For a volumising mascara, it did okay.

I use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk for my water line, it is way too large for my small eye and you should definitely use a small pencil if you want more precision and to apply less product. I use my finger to blend the edges as well as the brush with excess eyeshadow. I then proceed with applying mascara to my bottom lashes.

Don't build up too much product.

I spray the blinkbrowbar Rosewater Mist again to ensure I don't look too dry but slightly dewy and use my hands to fan my face dry.

Fanning face

And here I make the look slightly more glam with these glitter earrings I customised inspired by Alissa Ashley And here I make the look slightly more glam with these glitter earrings I customised inspired by Alissa Ashley – as outlined in this blog post.

Products Used:

- Maybelline Superstay 24h Full Coverage Foundation in 60 Caramel - £9.99 - - -

- Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Cream Kit in Carob - - - £42

- Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour - - - £28

- Primark 116 Tapered Blush Brush - - - about £3 in store

- Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Powder in 332 - - - £5.99

- Blink Brow Bar Rosewater Mist - - - £22

- Morphe x Bretman Rock Fan Brush - - - £29

- Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown - - - £3.29

- MSQ Eye Brush Set from AliExpress - - -

- Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette - - - £37 - - - TRANSITION; ‘pukey’ - - - CREASE; ‘jacz’ ‘mocha’ - - - LID; 'obsessed', '24/7' - - - CREASE; ‘chip’ - - - LID; 'little lady' - - - LINER; 'soda pop'

- Rimmel London Volume Colourist in Extreme Black - - - £7.99


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