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Find out more about me

My name is Damilaara. This is a showcase of my skills which include web design, photography and writing. Please view my work at the link below.

I currently work as a Marketing and Communications Officer for Wipers Youth CIC, a non-profit advocating for youth justice by specialising in mentoring and group work programmes for at-risk youth. Moreover, provision of youth work and equality, diversity and inclusion training and consultancy services.


My further involvement in the third sector includes founding The Racial Justice League, volunteering as a Young Trustee on The Foyer Federation board and periodically working with A Community For Change.


I’m grateful to have begun my career at Sapphire Community Group where I was Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer and had the opportunity to not only help young people with their creative passions, but also to explore my fitness journey as I undertook The Vitality Big Half marathon to help in fundraising.

Over the past couple of years, I have been gaining experience in production by assisting on sets for music video clothing brands. See content here: Ambience Productions

My personal Instagram shows my photography and some features of my YouTube channel.

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