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GRWM Omar Apollo Concert // eyes lips outfit // YouTube

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Continue to get ready with me as I prepare for the Omar Apollo Concert! Gain an insight into how I apply my eyeshadow, the perfect nude lip and a graphic liner which is sure to add variety to your look. Also, a little snippet of my outfit which I wore to the concert, so you are able to see how my clothes tie in with my makeup.


Before applying eyeshadow, I make sure to blend eyelid with the NYX Pro Multi Purpose Buffing Brush (£14) first and foremost. Using the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette (£37 – worth it) starting off with my transition shade ‘pukey’ applied with the Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush (£8.50). It is my perfect transition colour, and I really will be super sad when it hits pan and runs out, comment if you know of any dupes so I can stock up! All the Zoeva brushes I have used so far are from the Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set which is a hefty £110 at full price, fortunately I was able to get my friend at the time to partially fund this purchase for my birthday. These brushes are really great, but if you’re not looking to get the whole set, I’ve listed in the call outs the individual prices from the Zoeva website which are 50p cheaper than external websites like Beauty Bay, however I’m not sure what could work out cheaper overall when factoring in shipping and discounts. They don’t sell the Rose Golden Vol. 1 brushes individually anymore, but they do sell the Vol. 2 version (which is the set I originally wanted) as well as classic black and their lovely bamboo brushes. While applying the transition colour I make sure to use circular motions across my crease whilst connecting my brow highlight with my eyelid and extend the shadow a bit towards the end of my brow to elongate my eye shape, basically building the basis of the look.

Applying transition eyeshadow
TRANSITION; 'pukey' applied with Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush

Using the same brush since it’s super versatile and I’m lacking in eye brushes, I add definition to my crease and outer v, first applying ‘mocha’ then deeper levels within the crease using ‘chip’ and ‘jacz’ mixed together for a touch of warm undertones. I also spread some of the eyeshadow to where my nose connects to my browbone I feel like it adds the illusion that I have more lid space and a deeper crease but maybe not, it’s hard to explain the placement but you can see from my demonstration in the video. The main focus of the eyeshadow look will be the inner corner highlight and the lower lash line as well as the graphic eyeliner.

Applying eyeshadow to crease
CREASE; 'mocha' applied with Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush
Applying eyeshadow to crease
CREASE; 'chip', 'jacz' applied with Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush

For the lid, you can use any flat shader brush. The one I’ve chosen is the Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush to pack the colour onto the main part of my lid. I find this shade doesn’t show up on my skin much, it makes a difference, but I don’t think the colour in the pan translates as well as it should. Possibly if I wet the brush it would’ve shown up more pigmented or what I know that works is when I mix it with the yellow in the Morphe 35B palette called sunshine it brightens both colours.

Applying eyeshadow to lid
LID; 'creamsicle' applied with Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush

To add a pop of colour I use the pink magenta shade ‘bikini’ from the Morphe 35B palette (£23) on the lashline extending to where an eyeliner wing would be using the EcoTools Angled Crease Brush that I’ve had for many years. This set of brushes were basically the first eye brushes I ever bought for myself and they are super soft.

Applying eyeshadow to crease
LOWER LASHLINE; 'bikini' applied with EcoTools Angled Crease Brush

This next part will really piece everything together since my aim was to tie in my face holistically with my outfit, so to finalise the shadow for my eyes I applied ‘moss boss’, a light green shimmer colour, with my finger, however the top I wore was slightly more yellow and so I overlaid the shade ‘lemonade’ on top – from the same palette – this achieves the perfect colour to complement my t-shirt. Goes to show that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with layering pigment!

Cleaning finger with cotton pad
INNER CORNER; 'moss boss', 'lemonade' applied with finger Cleaning said finger off with toner cotton pad.

For mascara I use the KIKO LongEyes+ Active Mascara (£7.90). It is a lengthening mascara as opposed to volumizing. You can tell it’s a lengthening mascara by the name (duh) as well as the brush shape. I really love mascaras with this type of brush like the Rimmel Accelerator. I tend to clump my lashes strategically together, I’m not really picky with mascaras, most of them you can work with and if you can’t then you know it’s very poorly made. I tend to spend way too much time focused on my lashes, bear in mind that you don’t build up too much product so they won’t become extremely clumped and look like spider’s legs – unless you’re into that which I can admit I possibly might be.

Applying mascara
KIKO LongEyes+ Active Mascara

Next up is eyeliner, I’ll be using the L'Oreal Paris SuperLiner Superstar Eyeliner Black (£7.99). My preference is a pen style liner rather than liquid or gel as I feel it’s much easier and you have more control and though I can use other forms of eyeliner I feel that this one really speeds up the process. So, if you’re a beginner, I would recommend going for this type of liner. I’ll be doing a graphic liner style that I’ve been perfecting for many years. I love it so much because it elongates my small eyes and doesn’t detract from my eyeshadow but enhances my small lid space, I don’t even know how I started doing this, but I will provide an in-depth tutorial in the future on how I achieve this look. I should probably throw this eyeliner away since it’s so old it’s probably unhygienic, but one tip I have for the longevity of felt eyeliner pens is when it seems to be running out, I wet the brush a bit and dab it into black eyeshadow to rejuvenate the pigment.

Applying graphic eyeliner
My signature graphic liner.


Make sure your lipliner is sharp if you want precision, for a better lip I sometimes also wipe excess makeup with that cotton pad I used for my toner to get less layers on my lips for a cleaner finish. I love this KIKO Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in the shade 321 (£4.90) so much, I remember a couple years ago my sister and I found the perfect dupe for MAC Chestnut from KIKO but it disappeared all of a sudden, so I guess it got discontinued. One day while browsing in KIKO I discovered this wonderful colour 321 which I can say is another dupe for chestnut possibly a tad less deep. If you live in the US or want to pay for shipping or find it on eBay somewhere or whatever then the Colourpop lip liner pencil in pitch is a truer dupe.

Lip liner applied
KIKO Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 321

Now I’m going in with my main lip product the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade London (£6) for my perfect nude lip combination, I start from the middle so most of the product is there then use the rest of the product on the doe foot applicator for the edges to blend in my lipliner, I chose a nude colour to focus the attention on the eyes, I used to only wear dark lips but recently I’ve been loving this minimal lip colour, maybe for another look I’ll revert to a dark lip.

Blending liquid lipstick with lipliner
Blending liquid lipstick with lipliner
Blend the liquid lipstick with the lipliner.

Lastly, I spray my face with the Blink Brow Bar Rosewater Mist (£22) to really make sure all the products transfuse together and the powders I’ve used become immersed with all the liquid products. Once everything has set you should feel less dry but not too dewy.

Fanning face to dry setting spray
Get a fan.


I added a cheeky clip of what I wore to the concert in the video and such items of clothing are listed below:

// Champion T-Shirt, Lime Green

- - - - - - Bought on sale on ASOS in March for £10 from £30 in size XL but it doesn’t feel too baggy on me and I’m a size S in terms of measurements.

// Camo Cargo Trousers

- - - - - - Bought from Primark in the men’s section around May. They were very large, so I embarked on the enormously ambitious project to use my sewing machine to size them down… Which is why they look peculiarly deceptive around the booty area, which makes me a tad uncomfortable while wearing them, but I’m still proud of myself that I tried for the first time to tailor pants and I succeeded.

// Adidas Superstars

- - - - - - I am a size 6 in shoes, I bought these from Office when they did 20% student discount a very long while ago. this is my second purchase of these shoes as I love wearing them so much but with wear comes damage and I think its possibly time for me to move on.

// Berksha Puffer Jacket

- - - - - - I was really struggling with my spending habits but I knew I had to buy this jacket! Unfortunately, only the large sizes were left, and I felt quite insecure wearing it as I felt like a blob from all the puffiness. After I bought it, I don’t think I actually wore it outside until many months later and became obsessed with it. Was about £30.

// Accessories

- - - - - - I really need to step up my accessory game because I wear hoop earrings basically all the time and it’s getting boring. I love this rhino beaded necklace that I stole from my sister who stole it from my mum.

Products Used:

- Eyeshadow

- - - Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

- - - - - - TRANSITION; pukey applied with Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush

- - - - - - CREASE; mocha, chip, jacz

- - - - - - LID; creamsicle applied with Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush

- - - - - - INNER CORNER; moss boss, lemonade applied with finger

- - - Morphe 35B

- - - - - - LOWER LASHLINE; bikini applied with EcoTools Angled Crease Brush

- Mascara

- - - KIKO LongEyes+ Active Mascara

- Eyeliner

- - - L'Oreal Paris SuperLiner Superstar Eyeliner Black

- Lips

- - - KIKO Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 321

- - - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London

- Finishing Spray

- - - Blink Brow Bar Rosewater Mist


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